So you think a giant schnauzers is for you


So you’ve seen a giant schnauzer on the T.V. like the Westminster dog show, seen one at a local dog show or you’ve just seen picture’s well what you see in dog show’s are not your typical house pet. To get them ready for competition’s you are looking at hundreds of hours of grooming, training and socializing and the average owner is not going to put that much work into their beloved pet.

If you are looking for a loving, very loyal, intelligent dog than he/she might be for you. If you want a dog that will be living outside in your yard then he\she IS NOT for you,

Giant schnauzers need and love their human’s very much and will do anything (good or bad) to be with them. If left outside to live the can and will become very loud and destructive.

The key to owning a giant schnauzer is socialize, socialize and more socializing with obedience training and please keep in mind giant schnauzers are a strong willed dog. They need a strong minded human that will set limitations and follow thru with them.

Giant schnauzers absolutely love to have a job to do while outside with their human family whether it be playing a game of fetch, learning and competing in agility, competition dock diving, chasing and catching a Frisbee, running beside you while your going for a bike ride, long walks or hiking. Whatever you enjoy doing your giant schnauzer will be happy to follow this is a very versatile working breed. Owning a giant especially a well trained giant is very rewarding and will give you and your family year’s of loyalty, companionship and laughs thru out it’s lifetime.





Giant schnauzers are a very versatile breed as I have mentioned before, they can do just about anything and excel at it if trained accordoingly. Anything from agility, dock diving, herding, search and rescue, therapy work, obedience, conformation showing etc.

1: Starting from the time you bring your sweet bundle of fur home keep up with the crate training that I started with. Some people look at a crate as cruel or a punishment please don’t listen it truly does give your dog a sense of security. It also keeps he\she out of trouble when your not there to keep an eye on them. The pup truly looks at it as their own little place to go so they can take a nap in peace.

2: Train with positive reinforcement, be firm but loving. Training with forcefulness will get you a dog that is more scared than being a happy obedient dog that knows that something great is going to happen. Positive reinforcement will lead to a happy and focused giant.

3: Grooming and learning to groom your sweet baby not only makes them look and feel better it is also a time where you and him can grow a bigger bond and friendship.

4: Lastly the most important thing to learn and remember is “A happy giant is a tired giant”.