Our Mission Here At Carolina Giant Schnauzers

We were in South Carolina but relocated to  Youngstown Ohio and our crew is absolutely enjoying the cooler weather. We are still a small kennel and devote all of our time in producing healthy happy pups for show and family pets, just on a smaller scale.

Before we breed any of our giant schnauzers we make absolutely sure that they all have been  tested and cleared of any and all hereditary defects. Meaning clear of any vision issue’s, heart issue’s, thyroid issues and hips and elbow dysplasia.  We here are Carolina Giant Schnauzers firmly believe and stand behind the saying that ” in order to achieve quality healthy giant schnauzers you have to start with quality healthy giants”.  Which is why we carefully screen our dog’s potential mate so that we can produce very healthy puppies. Our goal is to make sure that the pup’s that we produce are mentally, structurally and physically sound as well as beautiful. We want all of our dog’s to excel at everything they do in life as well as being a wonderful happy well adjusted family member. We here at Carolina Giant Schnauzers have had so many happy and wonderful years with this breed and will always do what is best to make sure we are preserving the breed while doing everything to keep them healthy and happy.

our puppies

When we do decide to breed our best dog’s looking for new giant schnauzer  puppy owner is a very personally thing to me the process to some people might seem extreme but in my opinion I am responsible for every puppy thru out it’s entire life not just while he/she is here in my care. I personally stop my life and invest weeks and 100’s of hour’s into all the babies from birth until they go to their new homes at 12 weeks of age.



I truly want my new puppy owner’s as well as the puppy to have a fairly easy transition from me to their new home. Which is why I slowly introduce loud scary noises, strange obstacles, potty training, some crate training and grooming to the puppies. With me doing things like this help’s shorten the learning process for the puppy to become a fantastic family member.